Are you Being Abused?

You may be in an abusive relationship if your partner...


  • Feels they have the right to dictate your behavior, privileges, or responses

      and opinions. 

  • Demonstrates ownership of you or extreme possessiveness; says

      things like “I can’t live without you,” or “You are my whole world.” 

  •  Blames you for their problems or behavior. 

  •  Isolates you – doesn’t allow you to see your family or friends.

  •  Needs to constantly know your whereabouts; expects you to spend

       all of your free time with them. 

  •  Humiliates you in public. 

  •  Forces you to have sex or perform sexual acts.

  •  Insists on controlling all of the money, both yours and theirs. 

  •  Refuses to let you go to work or, at the other extreme, forces you

       to work. 

  •  Has no regard for your physical or mental health. 

  •  Criticizes your appearance, weight, clothes, etc. 

  •  Pressures you to live together or get married before you are ready. 

  •  Angers easily. 

  •  Becomes angry when you have a different opinion than they do or don’t take their advice. 

  •  Shows jealousy toward your children, family, friends or job. 

  •  Suggests reasons for you to fear ending the relationship. 

  •  Dual personality (Jekyll and Hyde), i.e., charming in public, aggressive in private. 

  •  Displays violent behavior toward other people. 

  •  Disregards the law; feels they are above the law. 

  •  Doesn’t want you to know about their past. 

  •  Blames all past relationship problems on the ex-partner. 

  •  Has a record or history of domestic violence.

Interested in learning more?  Visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline  for much more information and resources!   


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