Children and Youth Services

Individual Support
  • Free individual supportive education on the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  This is a short term intervention providing support and education around the issue of violence and assault.  
  • Accompaniment for child victims of abuse and sexual assault during hospital exams. 
  • Accompaniment for court proceedings.
  • Accompaniment to Child Advocacy Center.
  • Victim support and advocacy.
Community Support
  • Child Assault Prevention (CAP) - Grades K-5 - The classroom workshops combine guided group discussion with a series of role plays focusing on situations that children frequently encounter: bullies, strangers, and an assault involving an adult the child knows. Discussion helps children identify what options they have to protect themselves. The strategies we focus on are self-assertion, peer support, and telling a trusted adult. 
  • Teen Advisory Board (TAB) - Grades 9-12 - Shenandoah County's only teen volunteer group that seeks to spread awareness about teen dating violence, as well as  domestic and sexual violence. This is a school sponsored club that is currently active at Central High School and Strasburg High School.  The students meet at least once a month to plan and organize awareness activities held at their school, as well as assisting Response staff with agency events. 
Support Groups: 
  • Girls in Real Life Situations (G.I.R.L.S.) - Grades K-12 - Designed to give girls an opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop positive coping skills, improve daily problem-solving skills, feel connected with other girls, and make healthy decisions as they grow through turbulent times. 
  • Building Champions - Grades 2-8 - Small group counseling program designed to help boys build trust, respect, and peer connections while reducing conflicts, discipline issues, and anxiety. 
  • Owning Up -  Grades 6-12 - Empowering adolescents to confront social cruelty, bullying, and injustice.
  • DO YOU - Grades 8-12 - Addresses youth violence (dating and sexual violence, sexual harassment, and bullying) by confronting its root causes and enhancing protective factors to promote positive development and healthy relationships.
  • Moving Beyond for Youth - Ages 5-17 - For children and teens who have witnessed or experienced domestic and/or sexual violence.
  • Teen Dating Violence - Grades 6-12 - Designed to raise awareness about abusive behaviors common to teen dating. 
  • Sexual Harassment - Grades 6-12 - Designed to help teens distinguish between healthy expressions of sexuality vs hurtful expressions.  
  • Mock Rape Trial - Grades 9-12 - Three day presentation that defines and discusses the dynamics of sexual assault.  Students are assigned and perform the roles of various trial participants as they act out a jury rape trial. 
  • Killing Us Softly (girls)/ Tough Guise (boys) - Grades 9-12 - Recognizing damaging gender stereotypes that too often reinforce unrealistic and unhealthy perceptions of beauty, perfection, and sexuality. 
  • Child Abuse and Neglect - Grades 9-12 - Demonstrates the different types of child abuse and how to recognize and respond to abuse and neglect.
  • The Hunting Ground - Grades 9-12 - Designed to give school communities a clearer understanding of sexual assault, its impact and prevention, and how to support those affected. Discussions focus on healthy relationships and consent, the relationship between substance abuse and sexual assault, bystander intervention, and how to seek support and recovery as a survivor. 
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