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Thanks for Keeping the Light Burning!


This past October, in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Response coordinated an online campaign, called "Keep The Light Burning," asking our community to honor victims and survivors of domestic violence by shining a light in their honor.


The campaign kicked off on Monday, Oct. 2, with a short candlelight walk through downtown Woodstock and culminated on Monday, Oct. 30, with another candlelight walk through downtown New Market. Throughout the month we asked community members to take a picture of how they've chosen to “Keep The Light Burning,” and to share those pictures with us.


We want to shout a ginormous THANK YOU to all of those who participated in this campaign. We look forward to welcoming even more participants as we share this campaign again next year.


Remember, shining a light shows those in our community who have survived domestic violence or who are currently living in a violent home, that they are not alone; that their neighbors acknowledge their struggle; that there is hope. Shining a light honors victims of domestic violence, letting them know their community has not and will not forget them; that we continue to mourn them; that we are striving to prevent others from suffering their fate. Shining a light provides the families of victims a moment of remembrance and reverence for their loved one. Keep The Light Burning!


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