Was I Sexually Assaulted?

If someone has made you participate in sexual activity against your will, you have been sexually assaulted. It can involve sexual touching over or under your clothes, intercourse, oral sex, being made to touch someone else, or any other sexual activity without your permission.


Nothing in what you say, the way you look or dress, who you are or who you're with, gives anyone the right to hurt you. It doesn't matter if you've been dating the person or if you've been intimate with them in the past. It's still wrong. 


If you've been sexually assaulted, you may feel some or all of the following:


  • Afraid, angry, sad, betrayed, alone, or depressed.

  • Feel guilty or confused if you have had a relationship with the attacker, even though it was not your fault.


  • Feel like your family and friends won't believe you.

  • Want to hurt yourself or someone else.


  • Feel like you need to defend yourself.

  • Feel hopeless about whether anything can be done.

  • Feel afraid to go anywhere.

  • Feel anxious all the time.

  • Feel bad about yourself or your body.

Know that all of these feelings are completely normal.  If you want to talk to someone and you're not ready to talk to a friend or a relative, call the Response hotline at (540) 459-5161. Someone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Know that you are not alone.

For more information about sexual crimes, visit RAINN - Laws in Virginia

Response Can Help

Response offers help for anyone who has been sexually assaulted, either recently or in the past, as well as support for family and friends of sexual assault victims. 

Services include:


  • Accompaniment to the hospital or police department, if requested.

  • Emotional support, information and referrals.

  • Court advocacy and accompaniment if the sexual assault results in charges against the attacker.

  • Help in obtaining a protective order, if needed.

  • Shelter, if the victim does not feel safe being at home after the assault.

  • A 24-hour hotline. Someone is always available to listen, seven days a week.

  • Support groups for survivors of sexual assault.

  • Individual supportive counseling for survivors or family members affected by the violence. 

Our staff is trained to respond to sexual assault. If you, a family member or a friend have been sexually assaulted, call us. We can provide you with information, support, advocacy and referrals. Remember...you are not alone!






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