Holiday Parade Fun! 

We have certainly had a busy holiday season so far!  In anticipation of participating in the local holiday parades, our staff created a float that looked like an old-time red truck; it was a true example of collaboration to get that accomplished! We "drove" that truck in three community parades in one busy weekend. 

 Thursday, Dec. 5th found us in the chilly Edinburg parade, where we were greeted by many warm smiles.  We also learned that our homemade float would tolerate 45 mph speeds without falling apart.   We made our way through the very long Woodstock parade on Friday, Dec. 6th; so fun to see thousands of smiling faces.  We rounded off the parade circuit on Saturday, Dec. 7th as we participated for the first time ever in the Strasburg parade; so nice to receive such a warm welcome there.    


As we were handing out candy, whistles, and Response emery boards, many folks seemed pleased to see us in the parades, and thanked us for our work.  Although it took a lot of manpower to accomplish, the outreach opportunity was so worthwhile... it is so good to connect with our community! 

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