Let's Talk about Stalking

   What is stalking? 
        ​Stalking is usually defined as a pattern of behavior intended to cause fear or apprehension
        in the victim and is an attempt to exert power and control over another person. 
        It is unwanted, threatening behavior. Stalking can happen to anyone, however
        women who have been in an abusive relationship are at greater risk than the general
        population.  Stalking is a form of domestic violence. 
    ​​​​ Typical stalking behaviors
        Stalking often includes:
  •   Repeated, harassing phone calls, texts, or messages.
  •   Following the person, appearing at the victim's work, following them to social events, etc.
  •   Threats to family members or friends
  •   Installing stalkerware on the victim's phone
  •   Electronic surveillance
  •   Leaving signs that they have been at the victim's home, car, or workplace while the person is not there
  •   Violation of a protective order 
  •   Leaving unwanted flowers, gifts, etc. 
      Impact on the victim
  •   ​Constant state of stress and hyper-vigilance
  •   Loss of work productivity​
  •   Disruption of everyday routines
  •   Higher rates of depression, insomnia, and PTSD
  •   Forced relocation
  •   Increased fatality risk
      Steps to take 
  •   Keep records of the stalker's actions - record of phone calls, screenshots of texts/messages, photos of        stalker sitting outside your home/work place, pictures of injuries or vandalism. 
  •   Report to law enforcement
  •   Talk with an advocate at Response or other domestic violence agency
  •   Safety plan with family, friends, and co-workers 
  •   Have access to or secure important papers, credit cards, keys, medications, and valuables

Abusers sometimes install spyware or stalkerware on a victim's phone or computer in order to monitor their usage and activities. This software is very difficult to detect, but check out the Mashable website for tips on detecting and removing stalkerware. 


There is some exciting news in the work against stalkerware - follow these developments on the NNEDV website. 

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