Support Groups

One of the services we offer here at Response is support groups for a variety of survivors. The reasons for participating in a group are different for everybody, and we try to tailor our groups to fit the needs of the participants. 

Some folks find power in listening to and sharing personal stories; once the silence about intimate partner violence is broken, it feels safer to share our own journeys. 

It can be helpful to hear from others who are at a different point on their journey, and to get hope and perspective from others' experiences.

Education about specific topics is a great way to gain information and understanding about ourselves and our experiences.  

Our groups provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to learn from and share with others. We offer groups for all ages and genders, depending on the needs of the participants. 

If you are interested in any of our groups, please call Response at 540-459-5599 for information about dates and times.

Current Groups

Moving Beyond is a support group for adults who are currently in an abusive relationship, those planning to leave, or survivors who have left a relationship and are looking for support in rebuilding their lives. Topics include self-esteem, coping with trauma, safety, boundaries and more. 

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Response offers groups for children and teens in a variety of settings; in-shelter, schools, community programs, etc. For a description of these groups, please visit our Children and Teens Services page. 

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