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Children & Youth Services

The Children & Youth Services Coordinator offers a wide range of individual and community services. We provide education on the issues of domestic, sexual, and teen violence, as well as child abuse. The coordinator is available to youth victims for advocacy support and accompaniment to hospital exams, court proceedings, and the Child Advocacy Center.

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There’s a lot of pressure on you as you navigate through relationships and smart and healthy choices. Response is here to provide education on healthy relationships, as well as supportive counseling for youth and teens that have experienced domestic and sexual violence. Click here for a list of helpful resources or contact Madison for more information.


Parenting in an ever-changing world can feel busy and overwhelming. Click here for a list of resources for some hot topics that you may be faced with.

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Prevention education is a vital component in decreasing the prevalence of violence we see in our community. Click here for a list of programs and presentations available


For more information regarding our Children & Youth Services, please contact Madison Albright at

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