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Court Advocacy

Through our Court Advocacy program here at Response, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community and clients that we serve. The Court Advocacy program here at Response is one of our key areas of focus and a source of much success for our agency.  

If you or anyone that you know is in need of court advocacy services please contact Response at (540) 459-5599 or by emailing

To learn more about the services that this program provides please scroll down to see a brief list of direct client services that we offer. 

What Court Advocacy Services Do We Provide?

Through our legal services program here at Response, we offer accompaniment with all of our clients to attend meetings, interviews, or court cases. We can also accompany you to the hospital, the magistrate's office, and/or to any police department needed.

Legal Remedies

At Response, we offer our clients  information regarding legal remedies that they can take. This can include providing legal referrals to local law firms that we partner with.

Individual Support

We personally take the time to connect with our clients and get to know them and their needs. We take great pride in providing individual support to each of our clients and by helping them navigate the legal system.

Legal Information

As part of our legal services, we take extensive measures to make sure that our clients stay informed and up-to-date on their current court cases, charges, and protective orders. We act as a liaison between the court system and our clients and are always happy to answer any questions that our clients may have.

For information regarding specifics of our legal services here at Response, please visit our Resources Page to find specific details and resources created for our clients. Please click on the link below:

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