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Your Gift Makes A Difference

Without financial assistance, survivors are often forced to return to an abusive relationship. Your donation gives survivors resources to help them find safety and independence.. Your generosity has the power to save a life!

If you wish to make a donation, please fill out the form below and hit the "Submit" button. The page will save your information and redirect you to a new page to complete your tax deductible donation.

Donor Information

Are You Looking for Additional Ways to Make a Difference? 

We know that everyone is busy, and that finding time to get to a store to purchase items and drop them off when our office is open, can be tricky. We have an Amazon wish list to make that a bit easier! When you select something on our list, you can have it shipped directly to us to save you time! These are items that our shelter and clients are always in need of to maintain a safe and clean living environment.

We also maintain an up-to-date wish list with items currently needed, so if you'd like to pick up an item or two when you are shopping, we would appreciate it so much! 

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