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Teen Dating Violence

Teen Dating Violence is physical, sexual, and psychological/emotional abuse within a dating relationship among adolescents. The following resources provide information on warning signs, healthy relationships, and how to create a safety plan if you are concerned about your (or a loved one’s) safety.

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General Resources:

Understanding Teen Dating Violence

Love is Respect

Teen Dating Violence Info Sheet 

Dating violence and abuse


Red Flags

Red Flags are warning signs that a relationship may not be safe or healthy. Check out the following resources.

Signs of Teen Dating Violence

NCADV – Warning Signs of Dating Violence


Safety Plan – A safety plan is a guide specific to each individual that is in place to lower the victim’s risk of being harmed by a partner. For help in creating a safety plan for your teen, click here, contact Madison at or visit Teen-Safety-Plan.pdf (

Response provides free and confidential individualized services to teen victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating violence. These services are meant to provide short term support and education around the issues of violence and assault. They are not meant to replace the need a teen may have for long term therapy or counseling by a licensed therapist. The Children & Youth Services Coordinator can provide teens and their families with appropriate referrals for community resources that may benefit them.

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