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Primary Prevention Services

Teaching prevention strategies through presentations and in-depth classes that allow for open and honest conversations about sensitive topics. These prevention services are available to anyone, based on interest or referral by an allied professional. Email Savannah at

Nurturing Parenting

For guardians of children ages 0-19 years old.

A 10-week program that discusses the development of empathy, self-awareness, empowerment, appropriate family roles and expectations, and information about child development.

Prevention Presentations for Organizations & Schools

Fourth R

A 6 to 10-week program offered in the schools for students ages 12-18 years old.

Primary prevention effort to promote healthy relationships and positive mental health. It covers a wide range of topics such as friendships, relationships, warning signs, boundaries and communication, and emotional responsibility.


Child Abuse and Neglect

Building Healthy Connections - for Middle School

Healthy Relationships

Teen Dating Violence

Prevention Programs for Guardians

Where We Live 

For guardians of children ages 0-10 years old.

A 4-week prevention program designed to educate and guard against child sexual abuse. Includes discussions about appropriate familial and non-familial boundaries, healthy familial and non-familial relationships, warning signs, how to have conversations about healthy sexuality and safety.

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